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Gemini MDJ-1000 Midi Map & preset for Mixxx

Gemini MDJ-100 is a Professional Media Player, but the firmware is not yet finished. Meanwhile Gemini is fixing they're software I decided to use this same product to control my Mixxx since it's capable to be used as midi controller.

You can see midi messages below on table with button behavior and script function mapping.

Downloadable files:
for Mixxx 2.1.0Gemini-MDJ-1000.midi_for_mixxx_2.1.0_v201806051857.zip
for Mixxx 2.0Gemini-MDJ-1000.midi_for_mixxx_2.0.zip

With this script you can control all 4 Mixxx decks, but from separate controllers. When you are setting up your controller, you have to set it on specific midi channel so you can control that channel on Mixxx. My script is trying to mimic as much as possible to be like the device itself. There is some minor differences with slip mode and vinyl mode. Also some functions were left behind because they are unnecessary or there is no corresponding function in Mixxx.

Midi Message map and button behaviour here!